Today was pretty much a free day and I spent most of it wandering on my own. Walking back towards the house of the lady to whom I wanted to give the hotel samples, I passed by a fireman’s museum and the museum of the revolution. Tried to get a good picture of a Cuban flag but the wind was not cooperating and the flag never completely unfurled. Stopped to take pictures of an official  graffiti wall dedicated to the revolution. Made my first attempt at doing a panorama of the street scene.

At the nearby Spanish Embassy I saw lines of people waiting, papers in hand, to get inside. Later I learned that a Cuban who can produce evidence of Spanish heritage can receive a Spanish passport, and presumably dual citizenship. This makes it much easier to travel outside of Cuba. Came across a statue of the Poet Juan C Zenea. Googled him and found out he had been martyred by the Spanish in the late 19th Century, when Cuba was trying to secure its independence from Spain.

Back on the Malecon I took a few more people pics and once against failed at finding the lady’s apartment. So I played Easter Bunny and left bottles and tubes of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion helter skelter throughout the building. Saved a few samples and a small bottle of Aleve which I planned to give to Eduardo to give to the lady some time in the future. Took a picture of the electrical entrance of the complex. Just a maze of wires and meter boxes with stuff hanging helter skelter everywhere. Looked like an accident just waiting to happen.

On the way back to the hotel, I came across a film crew shooting a movie clip of a bunch of kids dancing in front of the graffiti wall. Spoke to them a bit, enjoying their British style of speaking and accent. I knew they weren’t British. Found out they were from Mumbai!

Harassed some poor guy trying to eat lunch on the street. But he was good natured about being photographed.  Then in a small market got a great picture of a vendor enjoying his lunch of pasta. Think he purposely did that because he knew I was photographing. Found another, this time not official, graffiti wall. Hung around awhile to see if someone interesting would come by.

Found an office where Che gazed outward and a worker considered me suspiciously. Che’s was the most popular image I saw in Cuba. Poked my camera into an elementary school room and then continued along streets of old cars.

This was Valentines Day and lots of people were carrying flowers. In Plaza Vieja a huge part of the outdoor area was cordoned off and filled with tables decorated with red roses on white table cloths.  At one end a portable stage had been set up and populated with various musical instruments.

Returned to the hotel in time to clean up and head out en masse to our final student slide show and dinner. The slide show started off with “the out takes” , humorous photos of students and instructors doing silly things to “get the shot”.  Then the main event, each student’s eight best shots from the week were shown in succession. The group dinner was held in a very nice restaurant nearby hosted by Santa Fe Photo Workshops. Then it was back to the hotel to pack for our early departure the next day.