This was the one day we went outside of Havana proper.  Our first stop was in a suburb of the city. Took lots of pics of old cars on the road. Then found a couple of guys trying to work their way through a huge mound  of garlick.

Next stop was Hemmingway’s house. This comfortable looking abode is now a museum and is billed as Cuba’s most popular attraction. While we were not permitted inside, it was easy to photograph from outside through the open windows. He apparently was quite the sportsman, as evidenced by the large number of trophies gracing the walls of every room. At the top of a four story tower sits a room, where Papa Hemingway would go for splice and to peer about with the resident spyglass. The swimming pool was empty and didn’t look like much today. Would rather have seen it in its heyday, when Eva Gardner used to skinny dip there. Story goes that Hemmingway had a bell tolled when she did so, warning the servants to stay away from that area. I guess the bell tolled for them! Just beyond the pool we found the Pilar, Earnest’s fishing boat.

Next stop was the beach! A delightful, sparsely populated, sandy haven. Some folks swam in the warm waters but most of us just walked the cool, wet sands barefoot. One of the ladies in our group could not resist purchasing a ceramic “Shrek Santa”. Said it looked like her husband. From then on out it was photographed everywhere we went. Beer and mojitos on the beach – it doesn’t get any better than this!  Had a fantastic lunch of shrimp and warm water lobster.

Before returning to Havana we stopped in Cojimar, the little fishing village where Hemmingway kept the Pilar, and inspiration for the village depicted in  ”The Old Man and the Sea”. It boasts a small fortification sitting on the water, but of more interest was the bar, La Terraza, that the great man frequented. Today a quartet was playing salsa music as the place, full of tourists, rocked along. Down at the other end of the village everyday life went on. A line full of colorful laundry caught my eye.