After breakfast we headed out to a farmer’s market. Along the way I saw some “pro’s” doing a shoot with a couple of models. Then we came upon a bunch of vintage cars all together. It was fun to taked detail shots of these old cars. A little further we came upon a small park dedicated to Arab immigrants, although we never saw anyone that looked middle eastern. One thing I noticed was how there would be food vendors at just random street locations.  Here was a garlic vendor.

Once at the market you could not help noticing the delicious aroma of food being cooked. Sandwiches, cold and hot were available as well as drinks resembling fruit smoothies. Inside the market you found everything from meat to fruits and vegetables. The lighting, especially shooting toward the large windows was very contrasty and difficult to work with.  But with the windows to your back they produced a nice light. I played with overhead shots at slow shutter speeds to show the flow of people through the place.

We decided to take cabs back to the hotel and so flagged down a couple of the vintage ones. I rode back in a 1952 four door Chevy, which we later learned was powered by a Toyota desiel engine.