This time Dustin led us to a nearby church were we could gain access to the roof. I stopped to take a picture of the interior from the organ loft. Then got some nice shots from the roof of the surrounding area.

Leaving the church we made our way towards the Malecon when it started to rain. Edwardo got permission for us to go into a nearby house to photograph. It seemed odd to me, but people didn’t seem to mind us photographing their very modest homes or taking pictures from their balconies, which often gave us great perspectives on the outside. Inside there was always a tv and a boom box often playing salsa type music. The little apartments were generally neatly kept but the common areas in these ramshackle buildings were dark and forbidding. Frequently they were filthy but photographed with a dark beauty.

Further down the street a young girl peered through an ornate, old wrought iron grill and I snapped a quick picture and kept walking.

On the Malecon things were pretty quiet so I decided to practice panning as I shot at slow shutter speeds to see if I could capture moving cars fairly sharply while blurring the background so as to give the impression of motion. Some worked and some did not, but I liked some of the effects anyway. One on my favorites is the image of the Coco Taxi that looks like it going warp 10!

Off the Malecon Eduardo got us into another home. An older woman and presumably her son lived here. We photographed her kitchen and small living area. Then I took a few portrait shots of her and promised to email the to Edwardo so he could get them to her. She was a real sweetheart. When we left she gave me a hug and said something in Spanish that Eduardo translated as” you are welcome in my house anytime”. Other than the hugging this was very typically the reaction were got from everyone. In an open area of her building we found a beautiful ceramic tile mural. Evidence of the once grand buildings these were before they were chopped up into these small apartments laid out like a labyrinth or a rabbit warren. I came back on my own twice to her building, bringing some gifts of shampoo and soaps but could not find my way back to her apartment.

Back at the hotel I got cleaned up and went to dinner with Raul, Kathy, and Carolina ( from Milano) at a nearby restaurant. Kathy ordered several appetizers that she shared. I had pork escalope.  Food was fantastic and very plentiful. More than I could eat and I felt guilty not finishing it, realizing this would make a nice meal for someone less fortunate. Perhaps it did not go to waste. Who knows what happens back in the kitchen.

After dinner, Carolina headed off somewhere and Raul, Kathy and I walked back towards the hotel. En route we came across some men playing chess. I stopped to watch as the other two continued on. Took a few photos. Saw someone playing every night at this location. Often quite late.