Up at 5:30 AM again, but didn’t do the dawn patrol. Instead went out on my own a bit. Experimented to see how well I could hand hold the camera at slow shutter speeds in low ambient light. Took a lot of pictures of the Capitolio and other building around the park in front of the hotel.

After breakfast we went out in a group again. We were headed to a boy’s boxing school. Along the way there were many interesting street scenes to photograph. Found the guy in the pedicab reading a newspaper an interesting subject.  The old church caught my eye and then there was the Bob Marly fan leaning against an old wall. The decimated entry of a once elegant building, the guy lovingly washing his 57 Chevy convertible and all of a sudden once again I found myself looking around and not seeing any familiar faces.

But this one was easy because when I asked for directions I said ” escuela” and made boxing motions with my hands. First I asked a policeman then as I was following his directions, a asked a couple of more times and everyone was sending me in the same direction, so I felt pretty good about that. But arriving at the boxing school I still didn’t see anyone I recognized. Asking the lady in the office and trying to make her understand I was looking for a group was difficult. She kept saying ten and holding up ten fingers. Finally I realized that she was not expecting the group to arrive until 10  AM. I had beat the rest of the group by about 30  minutes! Going inside I then saw Pascal, who had taken a cab from the hotel because her infected toe made walking difficult. So we had arrived early, and this gave us time to photograph before the rest of the hoard arrived!  The boxing exhibition was fascinating. All these young boys were in great physical shape for being so young. A doctor was giving them all a quick physical as they waited their turn to fight. Friends and family were seated in bleachers on two sides of the ring and seats were set up for the officials. But in the end, these were just kids!

Afterwards it was back to the hotel for lunch before heading out again.